Many of our customers aren’t too sure about the number of drinks that a barista can produce on one of our coffee carts, so here’s the low down.

Coffee cart customer

Coffee cart customer

A good barista will make around 1.5 drinks per minute, that’s 90 drinks per hour. This requires a constant steady queue of customers with no interruptions and not too many double shot soy ristrettos with a dash of water!

But when you’re booking your event it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • Will there be unusual drink requirements? Eg kids want more hot chocolates, vegans want more soy.
  • Will there be quiet periods followed by a sudden rush. There’s only so many drinks our baristas can make from a coffee cart during a 20 minute break.

A good example of when the event timetable affects the coffee is a recent function at a church. We had a 30 minute period of coffee making, followed by a 90 minute sermon where no drinks were made, followed by coffee madness as people emerged from the church! We had 2 baristas on the cart which easily kept up with the rush and we made 200 drinks during the 2 hours of actual coffee making.

Have a chat to us about your requirements, and don’t hesitate to call if you need assistance.